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Sunday, 5 November 2006
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     This is my site. Iam  at chennai tamilnadu, India. My Name is genuinegenie.(Nick name for a while). I am a Tamil, Studied  High school, A pleasant and kind man too.

      I have a lot of friends with me. I have nearly 100 girl friends amon them. Now i am seller. I have a website of mine.  My mail address is  Please contact me at this mail if you what.

      Now i am working for Tsunami Aid, teamed with my friends, We are not any charity or self- funded org. With our own money we are doing our best. You know the Tsunami which affected Tamilnadu, Andhra and  Srilanka,and Indonesia on 26 th december 2004 the ver next day to Christmas.

       In tamilnadu many fishmermen families,beach walkers,and the people related to waters lost their lifes. They are still surviving. American President Mr. Jommy carter now  This Day at tamilnadu, paying his kindness to this victims.We must be grateful to him for that.

     Our one of my friend Barthan, who is brought up in  fisherman family, worked as a cameraman in Chennai,  lost his father, mother, wife, his four children and house went dump we afraid. He refuses to speak to anyone after the incident. We want to bring him up back to his life. We want 6GB camera, for free to present him. It might brought his life to him, we hope. Anybody can help him. Please.

I also advertised in my space classifieds, in for free section. Please pray for him my my space friends. Thank u. Talk you later.

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Updated: Monday, 12 March 2007 12:44 AM EDT

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