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PARABARAM. What is parabaram? In Tamil language Parabaram means The Almighty.The God of Gods. The One who is present, but not present.The One who is everywhere, but nowhere.The One who is everything, but nothing.


Here we are. India. One of its state Tamilnadu. And its capital city Chennai.
Please contact us at any time at:
34 venkatachalam street,
Cantonment Pallavaram,
Chennai. 600043. Tamil Nadu.
Phone: 91 9380781204


"Hey Tsunami, you are one
Of the evil's Benami"

IN TAMILNADU: A united relief effort was coordinated in the villages of Tamil Nadu State, followed by a program focusing on the replacement of fishing boats for the villagers in order to sustain their livelihood. Construction of a school for village children ages 6 - 14 is now underway, with an orphanage to follow.

Sadly, a third of the deaths from the Asia earthquake and tsunami disaster were children. And children remain the most affected, many having lost parents, siblings, and other loved ones.

Millions still need your help! The joy of the holidays was silenced on December 26, when the deadly tsunami took away homes, relatives, friends, and neighbors in 12 countries.

In any crisis, the first step to recovery is to meet basic pysical needs-food, water, bedding, and clothing. The following steps, focusing on the sustainability of these devastated communities, are an ongoing process. Thousands of families are still impacted by the tsunami.

Please direct your cash donations to PARABARAM CHARITY, allowing us to continue to mobilize hundreds of workers to help these dear people find some measure of normalcy in their lives, after this horrendous tragedy. No gift is too small to help in some way.If you would like to assist flood victims, please contribute to our Tsunami Fund Or mail your check to us at:



Our mission is to help people who suffer from Vision related disabilities in under-served areas, lead a life of independence and dignity.
Serving the Under-Served...
For our grant programs and throughout this web-site, Parabaram Charity generally defines "under-served" areas as geographical regions initially in India, and later in other developing countries, where there are presently no Secondary or Tertiary facilities
dedicated to Charity Rehabilitation.
The leadership team fully realizes that the long term vision outlined here is an ambitious in terms of its scope and reach. To succeed in this mission, Parabaram Charity will need the
support and cooperation of many like minded people and philanthropists.. We feel
fortunate that in a relatively short span of time, we have already found many friends to and welcome anyone interested in partnering with us in this regard to contact us.
Our e -mail:


Buy the products listed in this site, and save the life forever. 70% percentage of profit goes to help people in need.Thank You.

Donate Money.
We accept even small amounts. Pay even $ 3 dollars, we gladly have it. Because it must be one day food, to the people who is in need. Be proud you paid that much enormous.
Mail us when want to pay.We will sent details about how to send money in. We remember you for this whole life.



What is the breast?
The breast is a collection of glands and fatty tissue that lies between the skin and the chest wall. The glands inside the breast produce milk after a woman has a baby. Each gland is also called a lobule, and many lobules makeup a lobe. There are 15 to 20 lobes in each breast. The milk gets to the nipple from the glands by way of tubes called ducts. The glands and ducts get bigger when a breast is filled with milk, but the tissue that is most responsible for the size and shape the breast is the fatty tissue. There are also blood vessels and lymph vessels in the breast. Lymph is a clear liquid waste product that gets drained out of the breast into lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small, pea-sized pieces of tissue that filter and clean the lymph. Most lymph nodes that drain the breast are under the arm in what is called the axilla.
What is breast cancer?
Breast cancer happens when cells in the breast begin to grow out of control and can then invade nearby tissues or spread throughout the body. Large collections of this out of control tissue are called tumors. However, some tumors are not really cancer because they cannot spread or threaten someone's life. These are called benign tumors. The tumors that can spread throughout the body or invade nearby tissues are considered cancer and are called malignant tumors. Theoretically, any of the types of tissue in the breast can form a cancer, but usually it comes from either the ducts or the glands. Because it may take months to years for a tumor to get large enough to feel in the breast, we screen for tumors with mammograms, which can sometimes see disease before we can feel it.
And not only this breast cancer,there are over 200 different types of cancer. You can develop cancer in any body organ. There are over 60 different organs in the body where you can get a cancer.
Each organ is made up of several different tissue types. For example, there is usually a surface covering of skin or epithelial tissue. Underneath that there will be some connective tissue, often containing gland cells. Underneath that there is often a layer of muscle tissue and so on. Each type of tissue is made up of specific types of cells. Cancer can develop in just about any type of cell in the body. So there is almost always more than one type of cancer that can develop in any one organ. Often though, one type of cancer will be much more common in a particular organ.
For example, there are living cells called squamous cells and gland cells called adenomatous cells in the lungs. So you can have squamous cell cancer of the lung and also adenocarcinoma of the lung.Similarly, you can have squamous cell cancer or adenocarcinoma of the cervix. Most cervical cancers are squamous cell. But there are more people with adenocarcinoma of the cervix than there used to be.
Doctors who specialise in looking at patterns of disease development use this information to try to find out more about the causes of cancer. They need to know why one type should become less common and another more common.
Treatment is worked out depending on the type of cancer. So it is important to know what type of cancer you have - both the part of the body where it started and the type of cell that has become cancerous - if you are looking for information about treating your type of cancer.

Make a Donation
Make a donation in Parabaram Charity name to help us fulfill their wishes.
Parabaram Charity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the most reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer. Our mission is to help women and their loved ones make sense of the complex medical and personal information about breast cancer, so they can make the best decisions for their lives.
As a contributor, you are:
* Helping nearly six million women a year to find the medical information, support and hope they need at a time when they need it most.
* Helping to reach citizens of every continent with medical information that is extremely difficult to access in many regions of the world.
* Helping to influence major funders to support breast cancer education by growing a strong base of support.
* Empowering patients, advocates, families and their support networks.
Donate by Phone ; Call 919380781204
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Help support Parabaram Charity by arranging to make a long-term contribution.